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Why? :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 3
A wise man once wrote: "We all will forget what it's like to be sixteen when we turn seventeen, we will all be someones mom or dad someday but this isn't then this is now and now we are infinite. " These words are all hauntingly true and familiar to each one of us. Some of us will go own to be bosses of those who tormented us, others lower than dirt. When you go out into the real world nothing else matters but your friends, your true love, and your family. Yes, there will be times when all of us feel like giving in. I have felt that way for so long now that I am ready to move on to my future. I want to be something more than an insomniac, something more than a hopeless romantic, something more than a black sheep among my peers. Everyone's lives will change one day. Seeing many of my friends grow and change and seeing how many times I have been hurt throughout the years makes me realize: everything I have done has led me here. It has led me to my senior year. My heart has spilled more s
:iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0
Untitled Drawing :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 1 0 Bring Me Back Home :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0 I love yu :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0 love :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 1 3
I love him with all of my heart but of course he c
In this love, there is no problems.
In this love, there is no hate.
In this love, we help each other out.
In this love, we say that we love each other every day.
In this love, there is no reason to rush.
In this love, we will never leave this bed <3
In this love, it is worth it but it isn't perfect.
In this love, I'd give everything for you and you would do the same for me.
In this love, it is an escape to a dream that you can't wait to live.
In this love, there's more than one reason why I crave your touch.
In this love, I count down the minutes till I can see you baby.
Only 2 more years to go, sweetie.
Can you hold on for a little bit longer sweetie?
I promice it won't be long for the wait, just as long as we keep staying in touch.
I've never loved anyone else more than you baby.
Your my joker to my harley quinn
I'm the blood to your dance floor.
Your the sweet to my tart.
And I wouldn't have it any other way :) <3
:iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0
A thousand years :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0 War :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 2 Tegan and Sara Muro :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0 Tegan and Sara Muro :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0
Letter to you
Gasaline on may hands as I type this letter to you.
Dear You,
You have opened my eyes in many ways, As 1. A man who loves his little Tazer-Chan, 2. A very passionate lover, and 3. Someone that knows me as an equal. As everyone else hates little ol' me, you have leared to embrace me with love and strength.
I think about everything that we do, my dear. As we kiss, touch and say the words we think, it makes me wonder : "Why me?" But then I know why. You chose me other than this hourd of women that would have broke your heart early on, I will always be loyal to you even in death.
I know its so short, But even as it is, I cannot finish this letter. I love you, but even those three words cannot cover all of my affections for you.
:iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0
The sickness invades my veins.
The process of death and life intertwine, through one little needle.
Im redtranted by belts.
Refusal means nothing.
I cant stop the needle from puncturing my soft white skin.
Soon a tall, skinny, brunette nurse walks into my hell room.
She sees my insanity, and trys to calm me down.
"Shots are supposed to help."
"Shots are supposed to make you better." she says, but they just make me worse.
I kick and i scream for what seems like an eternity.
Then I feel a framilier little poke into my skin.
I start to talk in tounges.
I feel a warm trickle of blood run out of my waist.
"The shots give you more control" The nurse says.
More like only you want to have more control of me.
The shots make my tiny body bleed.
I havent been fed in weeks.
I have no freedom because what they inject me with makes me crazy.
I can never be with other people ever again.
To them, my mind is impure.
To me, they're twisted, insane people who want to have harmless people to experiment on
:iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 1 0
Mature content
Cannibal :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 7 0
merber - saur :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0 nightmares for robots :iconfunkgirl9:funkgirl9 0 0

Random Favourites

Camera whores :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 229 62
only love can break your heart
        i was packing for university, going through my closet – and found a small wooden box. i opened it, and found a thousand faded memories.
a littleboy valentine from the boy i loved in grade two. the lace edges are torn, but the careful cursive letters stating his everlasting love are as bright as they were when they could still light up my heart.
a broken crayon from the first boy i kissed. he held my hand and told me i was pretty in the way that only a twelveyearoldboy can, and on my birthday he gave me a crayon the exact color of my eyes.
a stuffed toy my first real boyfriend won for me at the fair – he was the one I kissed in the school's storage room with the lights off. we missed each other's lips, but it was okay. he loved me anyway.
a half-full notebook filled with campsong lyrics, all from the boy that taught me to love the rain and to sing like no one was listening.  
a sanddollar –
:iconwanderinghere:WanderingHere 64 110
You're The End Of The World.
I can see in your eyes that your soul is out of fight
but not mine baby, not mine.
My love songs aren't about you and maybe you've had someone new every night
but it doesn't hurt me.
Hearts like ping pong balls and paint-stained walls and city lights and street fights
Your eyes look like the end of the world
I can't see past them anymore
See past your eyes into your core
Where love is burning but it's dying too
You say love isn't dying because it's killing you
Nothing is left in your eyes
Your eyes are the end of the world
:iconvanessaahh:vanessAAHH 4 2
Red -Revised-
I bought you a dozen roses
red like my love for you
with sharp, familiar thorns,
which I walked with four blocks
to deliver to your door.
I stretch my toes off the curb
to cross the busy street,
and I wonder as I step down
what I would look like
sailing and tumbling
in my yellow raincoat,
crashing to the ground
as the noon-day traffic
screeches to a halt around me,
how the roses would look
falling daintily from the sky,
red as my broken body
on the cold, black asphalt.
As I reach the other side
and the cars begin to move,
for a split second,
I wonder if I should step back.
I stretch my toes
and step onto the curb.
Your roses won't be late today.
:iconblindfaith1124:BlindFaith1124 7 5
we all need rain
the forsythia dance and sway
in the language of wind chimes
in the whispering bell-like tones of the far away wind chimes
beckoning the rainstorms to come
like singers in the church pews with their hands outstretched
willing their voices to be heard
but when the wind blows
it carries so many of them away
bright yellow bells riding in the stormlights
little yellow bells gliding in the dark rainlights
only to fall and stick to the wet cement
and trampled by the hurried and overworked
then returned to the earth
and the survivors sing
in the tones of washed out colors
as they are drenched by golden music far greater than their dances
but they dance the same dance of wind chimes
they dance in the echoed but far more lively dance of wind chimes
perhaps with more life and more satisfaction than before-
we all need rain to grow.
and i know that here
this is the dream you chased
as it stands out to me like a red ribbon in the foglight
like a garnet ribbon waving through the silver hazelight
:iconidentitycrisis01:IdentityCrisis01 3 0
I Do Believe I Can Fly
When I was really small
No more than three feet tall
I believed I could fly
Up high in the sky
But instead, ran into a wall
:iconluvbex:luvBEX 8 5
Purple skin
You know when you reach that point in your life, and you're just done.
All of it, everything,
You're just done.
So dead inside that you can't breathe.
So empty deep down that you could fold in on yourself, you could curl up in a ball and roll away.
So broken you're unrecognisable, and it hurts to smile when purple blossom caresses your cheeks.
So cliché, the way your days spread behind and before you, bleak, desolate, empty.
So funny, how your laughter sounds like screaming.
So rough, the way he touches you, the way he looks at you.
You're his meat, his plaything, His.
Bruised on the inside and bleeding through your skin,
Your tears are a weakness he seeks to destroy.
Like a ragdoll, the way your fall, flailing but silent,
Smiling, but not really.
Like a fish on a hook, the way he reels you in, guts you.
Your pain is his pleasure.
And you're done, spent, old news, tired.
So thin you blow away in the wind.
But his lips on yours – they take your breath away.
:iconeyes-that-see:Eyes-That-See 7 10
I am the one who keeps awake to watch
Clouds drift across the great white moon
The sandman often withholds from me
Beads from which dreams are sewn
My memories of love haunt me
Still pure--like a new born dove
Great white moon with me tonight
Speak to me from the skies above
For so long I have been suffocated
By the loneliness I cannot breathe
I open the window to let in air, but
The night stares blindly back at me
His ghost stands in the dusty curtains
Then disappears without a trace
Like clouds across a pool, I read
His thoughts across his ghostly face
I know him well, I remember him
His eyes I once thought divine
Once when I prayed for his heart
Believing it could be mine
Staring at the ghost fondly thus
What vision should I see?
None, but my own pale yellow face
That grins and mimics me
Clouds shift across the great white moon
I listen to the ticking of the clock
The calendar says a year has passed
Changed only is the door's lock
Sleep finally comes to close my eyes
Asleep, in t
:iconaro-chan:Aro-chan 14 12
You See
In the grime of the city, somewhere, inexplicably, impossibly, within the litter that lines the roads, the smoke and the sewage, a place exists. Some would call it beautiful, compared to the city. But it is all beautiful, the filth, the concrete, the hard buildings (that's what he said, wasn't it? She said the towers were taking over the trees, and he told her they were both beautiful, the towers and trees, that it was all beautiful, that it all could be beautiful). This place is just different.
In a typical description, it sounds like a postcard. Rollings hills of grass, trees, the green of the leaves and the grass complementing the pink of the cherry blossoms, and the brown of the trunks accompanying it all like a sturdy hardness, keeping it upright, in the seemingly likely case that it is all but facetiousness and can be deflated with a single prick from any number of the overbearing buildings.
It's not quite like that, you know. The rolling hills of grass are not always enti
:iconlookatyouall:lookatyouall 6 23
he tasted of December, voracious love with
a pinch of sweet, sweet
shimmer, dear,
where's your shimmer.
did you lose it when you lost your way?
she tasted of the night and pear blossoms and miracles
and kept her strength in a drawstring bag
looped at her hip
premade perfection isn't for those who wander or those who wonder
you can't have my forever
and I don't want
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 69 239
Same Old Shit...
Dad, drunk again, stood. Well, he kinda wobbled a little, then leaned heavily upon the oak shelf. The book which had sat in his lap plopped onto the floor.
"Fucketh this shit!," he cried between either a giggle and a hiccup or a giggle and a burp (I couldn't tell or care for that matter), "I don't have to listen to you go on and on about..."
He was promptly cut-off as the shelf gave way sending his sorry butt, and about thirty books, to the floor. He yowled in pain upon reaching his destination. You see, he wound up sitting on an empty bottle of Jack. He staggered to his feet once more, vigorously digging out shards of glass from his ass (and from the look of the intensity in his glazed-over eyes, I'm going to assume his colon too).
Mom thought it necessary to politely hack up a lung as she finished taking one helluva long drag from her cigarette. She slowly stood and walked over to him. Placing one hand on his shoulder and the other ever-so-gently across the square of his jaw. Which,
:iconloverdefeated:LoverDefeated 5 54
RokuShion :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 106 27

You murmured
the sunshine of a thousand splendid suns
into my skin,
so that you could
watch my fall from grace,
since it would be the brightest of them all.
:iconmidnightsun16:MidnightSun16 28 33



So what? Am i cute to u? ^-^
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
hello my sexy lazers :)
I am little miss Tazer Terror
Call me Tazer-Chan
I am by myself but im still awesome <3
If You Watch me, You are hearby proclamed one of my lazers <3
Hit me up for anything <3

Current Residence: In Wonderland
Favourite genre of music: Many kinds
Favourite style of art: whatever I fave
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Skin of choice: I really don't know pervo >.>
Favourite cartoon character: Axel!!!
Personal Quote: When Your love lets you go, you only want love more, even if love wasnt what you were looking for &l
  • Listening to: New Found Glory
  • Reading: Some Book on my Kindle
  • Watching: Adventure Time :D
  • Playing: Assassins Creed
  • Eating: Nothing yet..
  • Drinking: Lemon Lime Soda
Hello Gracefuls :)

I am now back on deviantart almost full time at least for break I am. But nonetheless im back :)

Since I havent been here for a long time, I need to make a bunch more art!

If anyone wants to partner up, just send me a note (Free Commission Alert!!!)

Any Idea is welcome!!

Its so good to be back :)



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